Gluay Gluay

Gluay Gluay Logo Design
Logo design for an insurance broker in Thailand

Logo design for Gluay Gluay Thailand. Online car insurance services. Gluay is a Thai word which means Banana in English. “Gluay gluay” is a slang in Thai culture which means “very easy”. The idea to design a logo for this company, was to show a smiley banana. The two “G” words in the logo represents the eyes while the banana itself looks like the smiley lips.

Gluay Gluay App Design
Mobile app design (responsible design)

Mobile app design for Gluay Gluay insurance service.

Gluay Gluay
Web design

Web design for Thailand auto insurance website.

Car image illustration for GluayGluay.

Teledirect Thailand.

Project Type
Design and development for an online car insurance in Bangkok (Thailand)

Designing and developing for a startup insurance broker online service

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