FIFA 21 TOTS (Team of the Season) – Things You Need to Know


Team of the Season (TOTS) event is coming to FIFA 21 Ultimate Team in late April. TOTS promo event is considered as one of the most important event in FUT as it features one os the most valuable player cards in the Ultimate Team.

If you are a FUT fan and looking for TOTS event to be happening in FIFA 21, you need to know some details about this promo event so you can enjoy the program better. Here is a list of them:

TOTS Features 12 Squads

There are about 12 squads under TOTS. Nine of these squads are from the world’s football league that are available in FIFA game. There are one Community Squad which is selected by the fans, one squad as Rest of the World which has players from the Rest of the World teams list in FIFA and finally, an Ultimate Squad which is the best selections of the seasons.

TOTS is the Longest Event in FIFA

Team of the Season promo event is also know as the longest event in FUT. It usually takes 6 weeks for TOTS to reveal all of its squads. Usually every week, two squads will be revealed (One every Friday and and one every Wednesday) during this event.

You can check out the complete list of FIFA 21 TOTS squads at FIFPlay.

TOTS Selections

TOTS players are selected by EA Sports and the FIFA community fans as the best players across Europe and the rest of the world leagues. Normally, the selected is judged by their weekly performances, UCL matches and MOTM cards. Team of the Week cards are playing a big role in TOTS selections. If a player has many TOTW cards through out the season, it’s kind of a guarantee for the player to be nominated for a TOTS squad.

You Should Play TOTS SBCs

TOTS Squad Building Challenges are unique and untradeable cards that you cannot find them in the market. These cards feature upgraded OVR and stats of some players that can improve your club performance. So, if you have the budget, you should definitely for for them.

TOTS Player Offers Will be Repeated

Usually EA repeats the offering of FUT Team of the Week cards in its later events. Events like Summer Heat might have offers that give you TOTS players. So if you happened to miss out the chance to get a TOTS player, you will most likely get another chance later to get them.


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