Web Content Marketing Strategies to Follow in 2016

Content Marketing 2016

I was writing down the marketing strategies I should follow for this year to spread the content I provide on the web. After I made my own list, I also did a research on the web to find out what other people and organisations do for the same purpose. Below is the finalised list I finished up with, a combo of my own thoughts and the points of some studies shared on the web.

Following these tips and strategies would help me to improve my online marketing strategies and I hope so does it for you. So please feel free to share your thoughts and feedback with me using the comments input.

Ignite Your Creativity

Try to write fresh contents with new ideas, don’t stick with just one method of writing. Put yourself in your audiences shoes, try to attract them when they are reading your content. Go for creative storytelling methods, engage your readers more in the context, sometimes embedding questions in the text could make your audiences to think more deeply about the subject you are talking about.

Quality is Better than Quantity

Having a longer text with many images might give your site a better chance to go up on search engines’ results, but don’t forget that your objective is to keep your visitors to stay on your site for a longer time, to bookmark your posts and to share your contents with others. So, try to provide something that adds value to your users instead of just giving them a long scroll.

SEO is More Important Than Before

Optimise your content for search engines. Include the exact keywords and phrases in your body text that could be searched by people who are looking for relevant contents. Naming your media files are also important, the name of your image files could do a good SEO job for you on media search engines like Google Images. HTML tags’ attributes like ALT and TITLE are also important for search engine optimisations.

Image Talks

Visual content is crucial for your content marketing strategies. Sometimes, an informative image such as an infographic can provide more information than a long article. Videos, charts and memes could potentially go viral and engage even more visitors than write-ups.

Go for Responsive Layout

Nowadays, people are browsing the web using their mobile devices more than ever. It could be annoying for your audiences if your content won’t be able to fit properly into mobile and tablet screens.

Be Active on All Channels

Web marketing isn’t just about one single channel. You need to market your content on various channels. Depending on your content type, you have to distribute your content on every single active channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, Google Plus, Pinterest, Balb and the others. Use appropriate hashtags on these channels when spreading your content so you it can get caught by more people.

Modify Your Old Content

Update your old content, upgrade them with your new web marketing strategies and techniques. Re-write them to add more value to their contexts. Modify their visual contents and optimise them for search engines if they do lack of SEO.

Stay Away from Spamming

Spamming isn’t a good idea at all. It will harm your business in a long term time. Search engines and social media networks are becoming smarter everyday, they can track your activity and mark you as spam. Do not overdo your marketing activities such as your SEO tasks, this could put your site at the risk of getting banned by search machines like Google.


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