30-Day Abs Challenge

Abs Challenge

Here is a simple 30 Day Abs challenge to tone up your Abs and burn your stomach fats. I have collected this workout plan from the net and decided to design a poster for it. I personally have done this challenge and I would say that it really works for me.

As it does mention in the poster, you should consult your trainer or physiotherapist before starting this challenge to avoid any training injuries. Here is my own experience, I did a light version of this Abs challenge first, which started from the day 1 and finished on the day 15 only. Then I took a two day rest, and then I re-started the whole challenge from the beginning to the end (From the day 1 to day 30), so it technically took 45 days for me.

Six Pack Exercise
30-day Abs Challenge – Click here to download the poster

Follow the instructions as above. Do the sit-ups, crunches, leg raises and planks in the order given, do take a 30 second/2 minute break in between each exercise. Don’t do it after having food.

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47 thoughts on “30-Day Abs Challenge

  1. Hello,
    Great post, thank you!
    I’ve heard that to get abs, diet is even more important than exercise, and so I am wondering if you changed your diet while doing the challenge, and what do you recommend the diet to be to get the right results?

    • Hello Victor.
      I actually have changed my diet even before starting this challenge and I think as you said it did matter. My current diet is to take only healthy (organic/natural) foods, I do take mostly veggies with my main meal, and do take my meal not as a big dish. My diet also includes fruits and nuts (almonds and seeds). I have narrowed down my sugar intake also, am getting my proteins mostly from soy beans. I also changed my dinner time to 5.30pm. Not sure if this helped my only Abs, but it has effectively improved my general health for sure. Hope it helps (:

    • Diet is definitely just as important as working out. Stay away from fatty foods, eat food high in protein, and do not have sugary drinks. Also cardio workouts accompanied by ab workouts can show results.

  2. I’m going to need to try this! I’ve been feeling pretty lazy lately and I think it’s because I stopped exercising regularly! I think I can stay motivated if I start a challenge instead of simply having the idea to work out, ya know? Thanks for the poster!

  3. Very good proposal for abs. I think you have to refer that protein is something initial for having good results.

    • Why can’t I figure out what I am supposed to do for the “planks” part of the exercise? Planks, suggest that I do more than one so how many should I be doing?

      Thanks for the help,


      • Planks are made to hold your position for certain amount of time.
        It’s says s=seconds
        Get into plank position and hold on tight breathing slowly.

  4. So what do you do after day 30 (or in your case day 45, which is genius btw)? It seems a little weird to start on day one doing 20 Sit-ups/crunches, when you’re up to 325 day 30. Do you just keep doing day 30, 3 days on, 1 day off? Just curious.

  5. Good read. Some cool exercises in that poster. I’ve tried a similar workout to this. One thing that really worked for me was doing hanging leg raises. At first I could only do them with knees bent but slowly progressed to doing them with straight legs. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I just finished the workout I did as directed and can see definition! So happy! I’m changing it up a bit for my next 30 days. I’ll be doing bicycle instead of leg lifts and Russian twists instead of crunches and side planks instead of reg planks. I also ended my plank time at 4 min. Thank you for posting

  7. thank you very much. this workout looks professional so, i am going to follow this. thank you!

  8. First of all i thankful to you for sharing this informative exercise.My idea is if we are daily make a routine and fully follow then our health is going right way…

    • I think the difference between crunches and sit ups is that crunches you move your neck and shoulder while for sit ups you are moving your whole upper body.

  9. Hello. I think this challenge is great, but is it after these 30 days we don’t need to do it anymore?

  10. I am a little confused about the “planks” can someone clarify how many need to be done per day?


  11. Hello,
    thanks for sharing this. I really loved your infographics. following this schedule from now and hoping for the best result in a month 🙂

  12. Hi,
    I am gyming since last 4 months and doing abs 2-3 times a week. I do crunches, plank, side and reverse crunch, but there isn’t significant effects on my abs. What should I do more?


  13. thank you very much. this workout looks professional so, i am going to follow this. thank For sharing information.

  14. Two questions:

    I am on day 11, and can barely finish the sit-ups, doing OK with crunches and leg raises. But I can do twice the planking time. What should I do? Stick with the program or just do double planking as it goes? Is that me or is it generally the case by design?

    Also, What is the right way to split up the sit-ups, crunches and leg raises? Sets of 10, 12 or 15? How long between sets is appropriate, or doesn’t it matter? Or is it actually possible to power through without a break?

    Thank you for this!

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