Things to Do to Build a Brighter Future


A note to self: Do these things to have a better future. Here is a short to-do list for myself to be more productive.

After researching and reading other people’s stories and experiences on the net, I have come up with the following points as a daily reminder note to myself. Not sure how useful this would be for you, but please do share your thoughts with me if you got any comments.

  • Overcome your laziness
  • Have short-term and long-term plans
  • Concentrate on what you do
  • Find something to motivate yourself
  • Don’t wait for someone or something to accomplish your plans
  • Don’t be afraid of rejection
  • Don’t give up easily
  • Don’t nag too much
  • Don’t lie to yourself
  • Compare yourself to others only to be thankful not to be disappointed
  • Be proud of your accomplishments
  • Learn whatever is possible to learn
  • Try to avoid using calculator for calculations
  • Live your life for yourself, not for others


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