YouTube Hacks You Need to Know

Useful YouTube Hacks

YouTube is the most popular video-sharing channel on the net. People use YouTube to watch and stream videos and even listen to music. Here I’m sharing with you some useful YouTube hacks that you probably didn’t know about. Using these hacks could help you make this channel more functional for you.

Shortcut Keys

YouTube allows you to use shortcut keys for controlling the video. This could be useful to control videos you’re watching using your keyboard.

Action Shortcut Key
Full screen mode F
Exit Full screen mode ESC
Increase volume (5%) Up arrow
Decrease volume (5%) Down arrow
Mute / Unmute M
Go forward (5 sec) Right arrow
Go back (5 sec) Left arrow
Go forward (10 sec) L
Go back (10 sec) J
Skip to a particular section of the video Numbers 1-9
Restart video 0
Go to beginning Home
Go to end End
Increase speed Shift + > or Shift + .
Decrease speed Shift + < or Shift + .
Move forward 1 frame (when video is paused) .
Move backward 1 frame (when video is paused) ,
Turn captions on / off C
Cycle through options for caption background color B
Move to the previous video in a playlist Shift + P
Move to the next video in a playlist Shift + N

Save & Download YoutTube Videos

There are some website which allow you to download Youtube videos as movie or MP3 files. One of these sites is

Go to the website, enter your Youtube video URL and download it. These sites are usually full of ads, so don’t get confused with the advertising links.

How to Skip Ads on Youtube

Skip and Fast Forward YouTube Ads

You can skip and fast forward the Ads before and between the Youtube videos. Take note that this is only possible on Mac Book laptops with Touch Bar using Safari browser.

While playing Ads, you can move forward them by moving the timeline on your laptop Touch Bar and make ads finish immediately.

Make the Timeline Awesome

Play a video on YouTube, make it full screen, then type “AWESOME” using your keyboard. Watch the timeline bar.


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