How to Get Free Packs in FIFA 20

FIFA 20 Free Free Packs

FIFA Packs are essentials for FIFA 20 Ultimate Team users. A pack is bundle of in-game items in FIFA 20 which contains items such as players, consumables, managers, club items, contracts and even sometimes free coins.

Packs are available at FUT 20 store and are purchasable using FIFA coins or points. Packs are categorised based on their quality and type of contents. A pack can cost from 500 to 100,000 FIFA coins.

In this post, I’m gonna review the ways and methods that allow you to redeem free packs without spending any FIFA coins or FIFA points.

Completing Objectives

Daily & Season Objectives in FIFA 20 will help you to claim rewards including FUT packs. Check out the Season Progress and Season Objectives rewards to see which ones reward you with packs when the objective is completed.

Some of these rewards even contain Mega Packs. Unfortunately, most of these packs are untradeable.

Playing Matches

Yes, by playing FUT matches you can also redeem free packs – well, not by playing and FUT game, these are the modes that will reward you by playing them:

Squad Battles

Play against Battle Squad teams and win your matches to get more score to determine you rank the global leaderboard and gain better prizes which include coins and packs. The good thing with Squad Battles packs is that you have the option to choose whether you want tradeable or untradeable pack contents.

Division Rivals & FUT Champions

Play Division Rival and FUT Champions Weekend League matches and climb the ranks to earn better rewards. These rewards include FIFA 20 Packs like Player Packs and Mega Packs. FUT Champions rewards are awesome! By reaching Silver Division, you will also receive In-form and special players.

Draft Mode

Playing FUT Draft Mode isn’t free. To play a competition in Draft mode you will need to spend 15,000 coins 300 points. But, if you happened to get a Draft Token, go a head and play it. It is worth playing it as it gives you packs after a competition is completed.

Completing SBCs

Squad Building Challenges are also offering you packs and players as rewards. If you are looking for packs only, check out their rewards first and try to complete the ones with packs.

Other Ways

There are also some other occasional methods to receive free packs in FIFA 20. For example, free login gifts which are given to the users who login to FIFA 20 or its Web App on the first days of the launch. There is also a starter pack once your start creating your first FUT club.


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