Healthy Foods for Video-Gamers

Healthy Food for Gamers

Playing video-games for a long time could damage your health, if you are pro gamer like me, your eyes, bones, heart and brain health could be at the risk of getting slowly damaged.

Besides the time management of playing video games, you need also to take care of your health by having a healthy daily intake & habit. The foods listed below contain nutrients which could provide nourishment for your eyes, brain, hearth and bones. So, it is recommended to take these foods everyday to make sure that you are staying as healthy as possible while playing video-games.

Healthy Foods
FoodGood for YourNutrients
FishBrain (Memory improvement), bones and heart (Especially Salmon fish)Vitamin D
EggEyes and bonesVitamin A, B & D
CarrotEyes and bonesVitamin A
SpinachEyes, bones and heartVitamin A, C & K
TomatoBrain and mindVitamin A ,C & B-complex
AvocadoBrain & heartVitamin A & E
StrawberriesEyes & heartVitamin C & B6
BlueberriesBrainVitamin K & C
BroccoliBrainVitamin D, A & K
Seeds & NutsBrain & eyesVitamin E & B-complex
Green TeaHeartVitamin C, D, E & H
MilkBonesVitamin D & Calcium

Anything missing? Do you think there is more healthy food that could improve a gamer’s health? So please list it using the comment form below.

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  1. The boys ate 163 more calories on the day they played video games and did not make up for this by burning more calories while gaming or eating less later in the day.

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