How to Improve your Health at Work

Health Tips

It is important for people like me – who spend most of their time at work and on computer, to stay healthy and follow some health improvement instructions by spending some time on them regularly. I would like to share with you some daily tips that I’m following myself to stay healthy when at work. These simple health tips involve the following topics and will help you to improve your physical as well as your mental health during your work time:

Physical Health

To stay healthy and to keep your body healthy and in shape you need to exercise. Being still and sitting for a long time can damage your body and specially your back, neck and spine. There are some exercise and stretches that you can do while at work. Make sure you do them regularly.

Daily Exercise Tips
Daily exercise that can be done at office

You can also take a walk at your tea breaks or lunch times. Walking at your lunch break is the best. You can do it before and after having your meal.

Diet, Intake and Nutritions

Eating is important for your health. A healthy diet could improve your health. Work place and the type of your work could negatively or positively affect your health. Try to go for a diet tailored to your life and work style. Do not eat a lot if your work is to sit at desk and you have less body move. Unhealthy snacks are also killer, they usually add extra calories to your daily diet and can gain you extra weight.

Don’t avoid your lunch time or push it back because of your work. Eat your lunch on time and schedule your tea breaks with some healthy snacks. Drink plenty of water during your work, it can help keep you hydrated.

Eyes and Ears Health

Another important thing about your health at your work place is the health of your eyes and ears. People who are working with computer, should take extra care of their eyes. Starring at computer screens can damage your eyes and cause you headache. Make sure you’re taking regular breaks to rest your eyes. Adjust your screen’s brightness and contrast so your screen’s light won’t irritate your eyes.

If you’re working in a noisy place, you should take your ears as well. Wearing ear blocks could help your ear health. Keep in mind that listening to music using headsets also could be dangerous for your ears. A new study suggests that listening to music on headphones should be going no longer than an hour a day, otherwise your ears health will be on risk.

Mental Health and Stress Management

Having too much stress at work will cause you physical damage. Heart attack and mental problems also could happen because of having stress at work. Try to relax at your breaks if you’re stressed at work. One of the reasons that can be causing you stress at work, could be your time management.

Concentration and being focused on one task also could help you be more relax at work. Thinking about other stuff other than work will make your brain busier and tired. Don’t forget that thinking about your work at your free time also could give you headache and cause you feel stressed even when you’re not working. So, try to forget about the office and work when it’s not your working hour.


Stay hygienic, wash your hands and your face regularly. Clean your work place, workstation, your desk, your keyboards and mouse. Your keyboard and mouse could contain billions of different germs and bacterias if they are not clean. Don’t eat food/snacks at your work desk, their leftovers could attract insects and bacterias.

Stay away from people who are sick and ask them to take medical leave or to wear face mask if they are fit to work but still can spread their germs and bacterias to other people.


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