X-Morph: Defense – Controls for PC, PS4 and Xbox

X-Morph: Defense Controls

X-Morph: Defense is a futuristic top-down shooter and defense strategy video game available for PC, Xbox and PlayStation 4. You take the roll of invader and have to defence your tower and expand your territory on the earth. It’s a fun and interesting game that you should try it out.

It has become available on PlayStation Plus for the month of April 2021.meaning it’s free to grab for PS Plus members during April 2021. Here you can find its controls for all platforms and improve your gameplay skills … Enjoy!

Immortals Fenyx Rising Controls

Action PlayStation Xbox One / PC
Move L L
Aim / Shoot R R
Cancel X A
Confirm Circle B
Dodge / Dash (In Water) Square X
Ghost Mode Triangle Y
Next Weapon R1 RB
Charge Weapon / Collect Debris R2 RT
Previous Weapon L1 LB
Shoot / Connect Fence L2 LT
Change Weapon D-Pad D-Pad
Next Wave Trackpad Trackpad
Pause Options Menu


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