How to Make Coins Fast & Easy in FIFA 22

FIFA 22 Coins

As in-game currency, FIFA coins will help you to boost your FUT club by buying more and stronger players from the Market and opening packs from the Store. Here I’m sharing with you some essential tips to assist you keep up with the coin making methods.

Before we dive into these tips, let’s go through the ways you can earn coins in FUT:

  • Playing FUT matches
  • Completing Objectives
  • Trading cards and players on the Transfer Market

BTW, since we are dealing with coins, please take a minute and go through the FIFA 22 coins explanation provided by FIFPlay to understand the coins and its in-game regulation better.

So, let’s check out the pro tips to make coins easy in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team assuming you are already know how to make coins using usual trading on the market:

Play Squad Battles, FUT Rivals and FUT Champs

Playing FUT matches is the most basic and essential ways to make money in FUT. Playing FUT matches available under modes like Division Rivals, FUT Champions and Squad Battles will help you to not only receive coins as match coins, but also receive weekly rewards that include packs and coins. These reward coins can go from 1,000 to 250,000. Check out the FUT Champs rewards list at FIFPlay to see how much you can earn by playing the Weekend League (FUT Champs).

Complete SBCs with Tradeable Items

There are some Squad Building Challenges with tradable packs and items as rewards. For example, Foundation SBCs offer you tradeable packs when they are completed. So go ahead and finish them, then trade and sell the packs items on the market to earn FIFA coins.

Sell your Unused but Valuable Items

Perhaps, you have tons of items in your club that you’re not suing them, things like managers, consumables and stadium items. Sometimes some other items like club badges could have a high value on the market if those items are useful for completing an objective. So, go through your consumables stored in your club, check their market values and set for selling if they are worthy and are tradeable.

Even though they don’t have much value on the market, you still can quicksell them and receive some coins instead.

Stock up SBC Fodder players

Go to the market and buy up players with high rating but with low prices. Remember these players might not be useful on the pitch but can be consumed to complete SBCs. There are always new SBCs coming to FUT during a week, so you need to foresee this matter and be prepared for it. SBCs can change players price ranges. So if you see there is not much interesting SBCs in FUT, don’t forget that it could be the calm before the storm, meaning the high rated players you can find in the market with lower price now, could be way more expensive the next day if there is a new SBC requiring players with high OVR. Hence, if you already bought them up, you can sell them when they are more costly and make money quick.


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