FIFA Mobile’s Vs Attack – Tips & Tricks

FIFA Mobile - VS Attack Mode

Vs Attack mode is the most popular game mode in FIFA Mobile. In this post I’m gonna share with you some tips and guides that helped me to win the most of VS Attack matches I played which caused me gaining more fans. By reading these tips you will learn how to master the VS Attack mode and beat your opponent in FIFA Mobile game.

You can share your own VS Attack tips and guides using the comment form below if you got any to share.

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Get Familiar with the Controls

FIFA Mobile controls are simple, you just need two fingers to move your player, dribble, sprint, pass and kick the ball. The full control guide for FIFA Mobile is listed at You can also see the in-game help manual on FIFA Mobile’s Setting screen, here is also the web version of FIFA Mobile Manual. You are able customize your controls by turning on/off the Virtual Stick. Upsize the game buttons and the virtual stick if they are not big enough for your fingers.

Formation & Tactics Do Matter

Go for a tactic that is best for your playing style. My favourite tactics are the ones which build up the attacks based on the wingers. You should also try different tactics to see which one suits you better to score more goals. Avoid getting stuck to just one tactic, try to have multiple favourite tactics so you can switch between them when they are countered or they won’t work for you against your opponents. Here is a tactic guide for FIFA Mobile at FIFPlay: and a guide for the formations,

Setting Counters in FIFA Mobile VS Attack mode

Set Counters

You can set counters for a selection of tactics in the VS Attack mode, so when your opponent uses one of the countered tactics they get counter attacks from your team in their game. This means your team will even get more chances to score goals when your opponent using a tactic you selected as countered. You can select COUNTERS in VS ATTACK menu under the MATCH PREPARATION tab. Make sure you select all 16 available tactic slots to be countered.

Have the Best Players

Your team OVR rating is important, to go up the tier divisions you need to have higher team OVR. Your team OVR is the average of your players’ OVR ratings who are in your lineup. Try to have players in your squad lineup with 80+ OVR. The better team OVR rating you have the more chance you get to win. Start building up your team from your defence line including your goalkeeper. The better goalie and defenders you have the less goal you concede. And the better attackers will help you score goals easier.

Learn How to Shoot and Score Properly

As for shooting tips I would suggest you to give less power to your shots when trying to score goals within the penalty box. Usually giving too much power to the shot will cause your ball to go off the target, hit the bar or to be saved by the keeper. So, sometimes a quick and gentle tap on the Shoot button can finish up with brilliant goals.

Get the Most Out of It

Don’t forget that you have only 1.5 minute with about ten attacking chances to win a game in VS Attack mode. So, give your best to score every attacking chances you get. You will get set-piece opportunities such as free-kicks and corners in a VS Attack match. Free kicks are the best opportunities to score goals. You can also score easy goals when taking corner kicks.

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