IBS May be Caused by Lack of Some of Vitamins?

IBS Medication

People who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) are usually told by the doctors that no cure for IBS is known and only some diet can help a spastic colon. IBS diet is kinda boring though, I have been diagnosed with IBS since around 10 years ago. Sometimes my IBS gets to the so called “red flag” condition where the pain goes high and the blood comes out.

Since my IBS diagnosis, I’ve been trying different diets and treatments. Neither have worked properly for me, until I realised that something has changed it and has improved my colon health.

My Experience

I started taking multivitamin pills regularly, one pill everyday with food. The reason of taking multivits wasn’t because of my IBS at all, I just decided to take it as I was trying to improve my general health. After a while I realised that my colon health has been improved too. There was less pain and less uncomfortable conditions in my colon since taking multivitamin supplements. I took multivitamins for few months and then stopped taking it. After a few weeks time, my IBS has come back again but in fact it was not as bad as it used to be before. Then, I re-started taking multivit, but this time I went for another brand, I went for a type with no iron and zinc but with more B vitamins (sometimes iron and zinc in supplements make me feel nausea after eating). I can say this time it worked even better.

So this made me curious to search if Multivitamins or any specific vitamin can improve the IBS conditions. I did a search on the web, and yes, I was right. IBS could be caused by lack of some specific vitamins.

Official Studies

Some recent studies suggest that IBS may be caused or worsened by lack of B vitamins, while some others say that lack of vitamin D is linked to IBS. So, if you ask me, I would suggest you to take multivitamin regularly if you’re an IBS patient, I believe it will help. Below are some sources to prove.


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